Of Mice & Men Discuss New Album

In a recent interview, metalcore outfit Of Mice & Men discussed the possibilities of a new studio album.

The Aaron Pauley-fronted quartet lost former frontman Austin Carlile last December, with the band releasing fourth album Cold World mere months before his departure.

Now, the outfit (who just shared a new single) have spoken to Rolling Stone India about a potentially imminent follow-up to Cold World. Pauley said:

“I think an album is definitely forming. We’ve got a ton of songs; we’re always writing and we’re always creating.  What we like to do is have a ton of songs and then from that kind of whittle it down and almost try to discover the threads in between rather than starting with the thread and weaving the songs through them.”

“I think that in a way surprises us a lot more than just coming up with an initial theme. We discover that maybe we were trying to say this all along. Maybe it’s too early to say that an album thematically has taken shape, but as of right now the songs we are putting out are very much about continuing the fight.”

Read the full article here, and listen to new single Back to Me below.