One Week On: This Was Beartooth in Tilburg

It’s been exactly one week since Caleb Shomo and co.’s Beartooth took on an absolutely sweltering 013 in the heart of Tilburg together with special guests Skywalker and LOATHE. Here’s what it looked like, courtesy of Koen de Gus.


Skywalker-3 Skywalker-4 Skywalker-5 Skywalker-6 Skywalker


Loathe-3 Loathe-6 Loathe-7 Loathe-8 Loathe-9 Loathe-13


Beartooth-2 Beartooth-3 Beartooth-4 Beartooth-7 Beartooth-9 Beartooth-10 Beartooth-12 Beartooth-13 Beartooth-14