Palma Violets & The Killers Release Christmas Songs

Both Palma Violets and The Killers have this year released original compositions for Christmas. For Lambeth’s Palma Violets, this is the first time, with The Killers no stranger to releasing Christmas-tinged music. Listen to both tracks after the jump.

Palma Violets’ track, titled Last Christmas on Planet Earth, is the first teaser from the Labmeth quartet’s Christmas advent calendar. It’s not yet known if the band will release any new songs, however you can listen to their first December teaser here.

The Killers, on the other hand, have released their 11th consecutive Christmas song in 11 years. This year, the band have put out Dirt Sleddin’, which is the third song in their self-dubbed Santa trilogy (it follows up 2007′s Don’t Shoot Me Santa and 2012′s I Feel it in My Bones). The video, which features appearances from Ryan Pardey and Richard Dreyfuss, sees Santa (played by Pardey) brought to life by puppets. As ever, all proceeds from the song will go to the RED Charity, a cause which the band have supported ever since their first Christmas song. You can watch the video for Dirt Sleddin’ below.