PATTI SMITH IN BRUSSELS: Pure and Utter Poetic Brilliance

Generation-defining artists like Patti Smith don’t come round very often, which makes it all the more special when they take their enthralling live shows on the road to treat thousands upon thousands of baying masses to their eccentric and prolific back catalogues. The modern day impact which Patti Smith has had on fans both young and old remains unrivalled to this day, her onstage exuberance falling well in line with the cultural significance of her expansive repertoire. Last night, Smith took her ragingly successful European tour to a jam-packed Ancienne Belgique in the heart of Brussels, treating the crowd to an intimate and career-spanning show which climaxed on the usual suspects (Because the Night, Gloria) and saw highlights in the most unassuming moments (The New Jerusalem, Pissing in the River). Dewi Mik headed down to Brussels to document Patti Smith’s encapsulating live show, capturing her intimate brilliance in eight special black and white images.

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Patti Smith’s European tour continues this week with, amongst others, an appearance at Lowlands Festival.