PREMIERE: Six Impossible Things Think That They Think Too Much

Isn’t overthinking just the worst? Milan’s Six Impossible Things seem to think so. The Italian dream pop duo today embrace their undying passion for music by means of the sprawling ithinkithinktoomuch, which is taken from upcoming EP sometimes you fall asleep in front of me (5 February).

Fans of Phoebe Bridgers, Better Oblivion Community Center and Tigers Jaw will find themselves right at home on this new release. It’s the latest instalment in the duo’s journey, melting in an ethereal mix of mellow, piano-driven indie pop.

Speaking of the track, vocalist Nicole shares: “‘ithinkIthinktoomuch’ is a letter, written during hard times. I was wrestling with anxiety and I desperately needed to share my feelings. We recorded at the Ranch and I loved singing this song, I felt free to be who I really am in that empty room. I’m in love with the way we arranged everything, it’s simple and essential at the same time”.

Check it out below and pre-order the new EP here.