PREP: A Band That Synthesizes

Comprised of a hip-hop producer, classical composer, a house DJ, and a songwriter, the four musicians are a reflection of the different ideas present in PREP’s music . Songs such as Cheapest Flight and Who’s Got You Singing Again contain elements of jazz, funk, electro-pop, and even lounge music.


On Monday, the band played in LA at Gold Diggers in East Hollywood, formerly a grungy bikini bar that was recently transformed into an underground disco, boutique hotel, and recording complex. The retro-glam feel of the new space was fitting for PREP, although only three of the four members fit on the small stage. With three keyboards, a saxophone, flute, guitar, bass, and drums, lead singer Tom Havelock had limited space to manoeuvre. Havelock’s voice is high, sharp, and pitch perfect, and the band give a tight performance. Many of the sold-out audience have been waiting to see PREP live for years, and after the show, they line up to purchase vinyl EPs, translucent blue inside stylish geometric covers.