Qualities You Need to Look For When Buying a Drum Set

Qualities You Need to Look For When Buying a Drum Set

Drums can turn an average song into a hit. However, you must get the right drum set to produce the exact sound you need. Drums come in different materials, sizes, and types, and you should know what you want from them before buying a set. With countless brands and online retailers available in the market, it is difficult to find a high-quality drum set. Whether you are an experienced drummer or looking to buy your first drum set, this guide will show you what qualities you need to look for while browsing.

Number of Pieces in the Drum Set

If you are new to the world of drums, you will probably look for a 5-piece or 6-piece drum set. Your experience and your budget are the top deciding factors when purchasing a set. Keep in mind that you should know what the drum set includes as some of them offer shell sets while others include cymbals and other hardware.

Choose the Right Wood For Your Drums

The difference between different kinds of wood is not just their quality, but the sound they produce. That’s why you should always pay attention to the type of sound you want your drums to produce. For example, maple drum shells are extremely versatile and they give bright yet warm sounds while mahogany produces warm but darker beats. The type of music you play will dictate the type of wood you want for your set.

Read Customer Reviews

Some drum shells are covered with vinyl to hide that they are damaged or used. Especially online when you won’t have the chance to look at the set physically, you need to read reviews of the set you are considering. You can find reviews on the product page itself, but those can be biased, or you can click here for drum set overview options to find what others think of different drum sets. You will find an array of opinions and reviews on the set you have in mind that can help you pick the right one for you.

Select the Right Drum Size

Similar to the variety of wood, drum size affects the sound you can produce. Drum sizes are categorized into rock, fusion, and hybrid sizes. Rock sizes are usually larger than the other sizes and produce a deep and balanced sound. Fusion and hybrid are more popular now than ever because they take less space than the rock design. If you have limited space, you should opt for either fusion or hybrid.

Add-ons Are Important

Add-ons improve your drumming experience drastically. Surprisingly, several drum sets don’t come with drumsticks, and though it is an essential part of drumming, it is considered an add-on. If the drum set you chose doesn’t come with add-ons, you should check what add-ons will be useful to you. The add-ons you should consider include:

  • Music stands
  • Soft-bag cases to transport your set
  • Dampening pads
  • Amps (for electric drums)

It is essential to look for these qualities when you are browsing for a new or used drum kit. You must know beforehand what you want from your drum set so you don’t get one that is less or much more than what you need. Buying a drum set is an investment that you need to consider carefully with the information presented herein mind so that you can use it for a long time.