Radiohead Set to Release New Album Imminently?

If what we’re lead to believe is true, then we could expect a new Radiohead album sooner rather than later. Following plenty of to and fro-ing between frontman Thom Yorke, guitarist Johnny Greenwood and certain Radiohead fans, we were first unsure whether it would even come out this year. Then, the band released the leftover James Bond theme Spectre, with further exciting news having been uncovered by fans this week.

According to Radiohead fans over on the band’s AtEase forum, the band formed a brand new company by the name of Dawn Chorus back in October. Just like with the past two Radiohead releases (2007’s In Rainbows and 2011’s The King of Limbs), Thom Yorke & co. have set up their own publishing company to accompany an album release. With Dawn Chorus having been set up back in October, it could mean that we’ll have some new Radiohead on our doorstep when you least see it coming.

Listen to Spectre by Radiohead below.