Rage Against the Machine to Form Supergroup?

Rage Against the Machine have teased rumours of a reunion and possible formation of a supergroup with Public Enemy.

Posters have been put up around Los Angeles which feature the hashtag #TakeThePowerBack. This is a clear reference to Rage’s song of the same name, with an accompanying website counting down to 1 June.

The phrase “Clear the way for the Prophets of Rage” is also plastered across the poster, with this line taken from a track by Public Enemy. Check out the poster below.


Sources have led us to believe that this will not concern a full Rage Against the Machine reunion; rather, the two bands will form a supergroup and tour throughout the summer.

The fact that RATM bassist Tim Crommerford has also cancelled all his summer shows with Wakrat also purports this claim.

No one knows for sure what exactly will happen, but we’ll find out soon enough. Listen to Take the Power Back by Rage Against the Machine below.