Rest in Peace, Casey

Last night, Casey performed their final show on Dutch soil with an energetic and incredibly emotional set at the Dynamo in Eindhoven. Joyce van Doorn made the journey to the grey city in order to capture what turned out to be one hell of a night. Gatherers and Acres joined. Rest in Peace, Casey.


Gatherers_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-1 Gatherers_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-2 Gatherers_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-3


Acres_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-1 Acres_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-2


Casey_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-1 Casey_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-2 Casey_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-3 Casey_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-4 Casey_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-5 Casey_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-6 Casey_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-7 Casey_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-8 Casey_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-9 Casey_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-10 Casey_Dynamo_JVDPhotography-11