Ryan Adams to Cover Taylor Swift in the Style of The Smiths

Classic rocker Ryan Adams has announced plans to cover Taylor Swift’s most recent album, 1989, completely in the style of The Smiths. The announcement comes in a period which has seen both artists regularly appear in the spotlight, with Swift declaring that Adams’ recordings are enough to make her “pass out”. 

Why Adams is doing this we’ll probably never know, although it seems like the project has hit everyone by surprise, Swift in particular. Upon hearing the supposed news, the vocalist tweeted

is this true??????? I WILL PASS OUT.” in true dramatic style.

Yesterday, Adams uploaded a short snippet of album opener Welcome to New York, which you can listen to here. In the snippet you can hear that Swift’s songs can potentially lend themselves very well to Adams vocal style, particularly if it’s then fed through a Smiths-machine in the process.

A definitely release date for the album hasn’t been confirmed yet, although don’t be surprised if it receives rave reviews from the off. The combination may be all kinds of weird, yet it’s so, so right at the same time. Jack Parker

Listen to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift below. How do you think Adams will transform the track? Let us know here.