Orono, live at Eurosonic. (c) Jack Parker

In Sentence & Song: Six Reasons to Get Excited About SXSW 2018

Next month, the world’s most important music executives and promising bands will turn musical capital Austin, TX into a sonic walhalla. South by Southwest (SXSW) has long been known as the most renowned and well-respected showcase festival the industry has to offer, with the saying going: “once you’ve made it at SXSW, you can make it anywhere”. This much rings true if you look at a small selection of artists who cut their teeth performing in front tough industry crowds comprised of critics, label bosses and the best of the rest. This year, the Texas conference festival has an absolutely mouthwatering line-up on offer, of which we’ve selected six bands most definitely worth your time. Why they’re worth your time is something we’ve explained to you in sentence and song. More specifically in one sentence, with one song.


If you haven’t yet heard of raw and intense London indie punks Shame, then you’ve most definitely been doing something wrong.


If neon lights, dreamy soundscapes and sickly sweet, quirky pop tunes are your thing, then the truly international Superorganism are the one band who you can’t miss out on.


There’s spacing out by yourself in your bedroom, and then there’s tripping the fuck out in a dark room full of strangers to the sound of wispy synths, haunting vocals and pulsating beats. Introducing Otzeki.


Lo Moon are the kind of band who you’d enjoy if you like wasting your days away in the countryside without a single care in the world. Either that, or if you’re deeply in love and unsure how to deal with it.


Weed? Check. Dungarees? Check. Hippie sunglasses? Check. Tick these off your list and you’ll be allowed entry into Peach Pit’s show.


Garage rockers Broncho will undoubtedly make your limbs spasm from side to side in the pit, and that’s an understatement.

South by Southwest 2018 takes place from 9 to 18 March. Head here for all the important details.