Steve Aoki Remixes My Chemical Romance

Steve Aoki has teamed up with former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way for a unique remix.

The EDM producer has taken on the band’s classic track Welcome to the Black Parade, with Way stating that the remix “captures the true essence of the song”.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Way said: “You know, when you’ve written a song, sometimes it’s really hard to wrap your brain around what somebody else is doing, or maybe the way that they see the song. But right away, I really loved his remix. And what I love about it is the sounds are phenomenal, and he’s kept the intensity, and I think in some ways, the purpose of the song. So, I loved it right away. I was like, this is really cool. And it’s always fun to hear somebody, especially somebody as talented as Steve, it’s fun to hear the way they see the song. It has that bed of music there, still, that the band was a part of. It has those important melodies, and it has those important root notes. So, you know, I think it does a really great job of capturing the essence of the song and turning it into something new.

Check out the reworking below.