The Top 50 Albums of 2015: #40-#31

Last week, we announced the first 9 albums which made it into our Top 50 Albums of 2015. In and amongst the first announcement, the likes of In Hearts Wake and Alabama Shakes also contributed with quotes about their respective records. Now, we’re announcing the next 9 albums which make out part of our Top 50. Read on to see who made it.

40. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Get Lost, Find Yourself
Playing Dead

What we said: “On Get Lost, Find Yourself, Chunk have proven that they are definitely a band worth looking out for in the coming months as they slowly but surely start to cement their name as the most successful rock band to come out of France since, well, anyone. Get Lost, Find Yourself is an impressive record, and definitely one which will appeal to audiences on both sides of the pond.”

39. August Burns Red – Found in Far Away Places
Majoring in the Minors

What we said: “August Burns Red are the kind of band from whom you never know what to expect, that’s one thing which is very clear. Whereas the packaging clearly states that you can expect a good dosage of hardcore metal, the product itself (which is actually the band’s 7th album) is actually far more varying and diverse. In and amongst the expected drops and riffs you’ll find Spanish guitars, cowbells’, plenty of piano and a sense of accomplishment which comes with being able to combine so many different styles of music into one, easily compressible genre. Found in Far Away Places is one of the best rock albums to be released in 2015, and it’s only just signalling the beginning of a long and illustrious career for August Burns Red. Metalcore is not dying; rather, it’s been given the kiss of life by Jake Luhrs and his extremely talented friends.”

Guitarist JB Brubaker told All Things Loud about the album, saying: “Found in Far Away Places is the most diverse record that August Burns Red have ever written, and there’s a lot of non metal parts that stand out. As we’ve traditionally been a very heavy band, we included some new sounds on the album like a Western section and a surf-y part. There’s all these little interludes which we’ve never really done before, which go along with the heavy breakdowns and melodic stuff you’ve come to expect from August Burns Red. There’s also a guest vocal spot from Jeremy McKinnon (A Day to Remember), which I think stands out to a lot of people as he’s guesting with a singing part. So, yeah, it’s our most diverse record yet but it still sounds like August Burns Red.

38. Northlane – Node

What we said: “Animate brings the record to a powerfully ambient close, closing the curtain on a record which was as conscious musically as it was lyrically. Northlane are currently one of the most exciting metal bands around, and Node demonstrates exactly why this is the case with effortless ease.”

Speaking to All Things Loud earlier this month, guitarist Josh Smith said: “When we recorded Node, it was a very stressful time for us. We were cooped up in the North American winter after 3 months on the road, away from home and the uncertainty of our career as a band was hanging in the balance. Looking back, I’m very proud of what we achieved against all the odds. For me, a standout track on the record is Weightless – this song is a step away from what we’ve been known to do as a band and it holds a special place in my heart.”

We also spoke to Josh in July. Read our discussion here.

37. Florence + the Machine – How Big, How Blue, How
Ship to Wreck

What we said: “Despite falling off track around the middle, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is a strong record which has truly cemented Florence Welch’s reputation as one of the best vocalists in modern music. The record is filled to the brim with soaring vocals, instrumental crescendos and orchestral magic, (nearly) making for a truly encapsulating listen from start to finish. Welcome back, Flo.”

36. Neck Deep – Life’s Not Out to Get You
Gold Steps

What we said: “After a few listens of Life’s Not Out to Get You, it becomes very clear that the question isn’t whether or not pop punk is in the dumps; rather, when will Neck Deep be crowned as the legends they’re on the way to becoming? Life’s Not Out to Get You is quite possibly on the verge of sending Neck Deep into the rock stratosphere, with not much standing between Barlow and co. and world domination. Bring on the future, because it’s going to be exciting.” Watch our interview with Ben Barlow, recorded on tour with All Time Low, here.

35. Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls
The Red & the Black

What we said: “The record is definitely an interesting one, as it’s filled to the brim with intricate walls of noise, powerful vocals (and equally powerful lyrics), as well as destructive rhythms. On the back of this record, you could say that Iron Maiden are nothing short of still being as big as they ever were.”

34. The Neighbourhood – Wiped Out!

What we said: “Although the album doesn’t bear an equivalent to Sweater Weather, it has demonstrated to everyone that The Neighbourhood are becoming an album band, and not a one-hit wonder. The ten full songs on Wiped Out! do nothing to restrict themselves within certain boundaries, even if the same trends and patterns do recur throughout. It’s an organic album with processed sensibilities, essentially a musical representation of 2015’s hipster, materialistic youth culture. The only thing which distinguishes the band from hundreds of sound-alikes, though, is their ability to mash a variety of sounds into one song to create a well thought out end product. The hype may not be there this year, but at least The Neighbourhood have proven to everyone that they don’t need to rely on past successes to keep powering on in the right direction.”

Speaking to All Things Loud in November, guitarist Zach Abels said: “We didn’t really have any ideas of how we thought it would sound, but we wanted to experiment. Wiped Out! kinda showcases how far we’ve come since those early EP days.”

Read the full interview with Abels and drummer Brandon Fried here.

33. BØRNS – Dopamine
Electric Love
What we say: “On Dopamine, BØRNS capitalized on the gradual success which preceded one of 2015′s hottest indie pop records. 2014′s Candy EP proved a viral hit, in particular thanks to the extremely catchy Electric Love. Three-quarters of the EP remain present on the record, although it’s definitely not a case of building on past successes here. BØRNS are only just getting started.”

32. Eagles of Death Metal – Zipper Down

What we say: “It’s been a tough last few weeks for Eagles of Death Metal. New album Zipper Down is a spectacular combination of classic rock, funk and the creative fluids produced by Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme. Despite being caught up in the horrific Paris tragedy, the Eagles are proving that nothing is going to stop them. Music is their weapon, and the songs are powerful enough to send them even higher than ever before. Peace, Love & Death Metal.”

31. Parkway Drive – Ire
Vice Grip

What we said: “Let’s face it, Parkway Drive have changed. Some say it’s for the better, whereas some have already completely disowned the new direction. However, this is unlikely to affect the band as they’ve consciously made the decision to go down this path knowing what kind of reaction it may receive. Ire is a perfectly fine record which has perfectly demonstrated Parkway Drive’s desire to change. Who knows, this might just be the first step in the evolution of Byron Bay’s favourite metalcore outfit. Like McCall sings on Vice Grip: “keep the flame alive”.”

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