Unique Drinks Reception Ideas That Will Make Your Event Spellbinding

Finding the right way to entertain guests can seem a bit of a struggle when you have guests. That’s why drink ideas need to be in plenty if you are ever going to accomplish this task. Reception drinks come in plenty, and you may need a couple at your event. 

When you have plenty of drink ideas, it is unlikely that your guest will leave without having some fun. And when the food there is all about the idea of food, you need drinks that will make the event spellbinding. Here are some unique drink reception ideas. 

Coca-Cola and Alcohol Wrapped Together

The first idea you need to incorporate for your drink reception is this one. It is where bottles of Coca-Cola are wrapped up with whatever drinks you want. Since the whiskey or ram are in small bottles, you don’t want anyone missing out. 

This should be done for corporate events, where you don’t want people to get stupid drunk. You can only get the drink when you have a bottle of soda, which can quickly help those who aren’t used to dry shots. 

You can couple this at your reception with a magician to make the whole event livelier. You can click here to get in touch with one of the top corporate magicians. And since people won’t be too drunk, they can enjoy the show by the magician too. 

Drinks in A Bucket

The bucket idea has been in use for years, and it won’t go away. When you have a laid-back event, this is one of the best ideas that you can use. The bucket will serve as a cooling point for your drinks. 

For example, when hosting a gathering at home in your yard, you can’t bring the fridge outside. And it would help if you had the drinks all cooled down for your guest to enjoy. All you need are a couple of metal buckets with ice, and your drinks are excellent. 

You can then have any drink in the bucket as your visitors pick one or two. This is an excellent idea if you are serving beer and bottled sodas. You won’t need to have someone at the drink section serving up drinks; it will all be self-service. 

Drinks and Burgers Coupled Together

Some events need to have some food or an idea of it. When you have this type of event, why not couple up your drinks with burgers? This will go a long way to ensure that no one misses out on the burgers. 

Another thing is that you only need one person serving here, and they are like supervising. You won’t need two or more – one for the burgers, one for the drinks. When they are coupled, it’s much easier to manage the guests. 

Self Service Cocktails

Cocktails have always been a great idea when it comes to event drinks. But how to present them has been a challenge for most over the years. Several people tend to have servers at the cocktail table to help things go on smoothly. 

But for your event, you need to consider the self-service cocktail setup. Have the drinks in giant jars with taps, and everyone can go over and get to their fill. You can have different drinks at that table, and everyone will choose how they fill up their glass. 

Iced Wheelbarrow

Summer events have always been some of the best as you can host them outside in your yard. And when you do that, you can have an iced wheelbarrow to hold the drinks, this is more of the idea with the buckets, but it can hold more drinks than the bucket. 

Unlike with the bucket, where you needed plenty of buckets for your drinks, you only need one with the wheelbarrow. This one is large enough to hold your sodas and your beers too. It will also bring a creative sense to the whole theme of the event. 

Champagne Fountain

The fountain should be at the top of your list when you are looking for a perfect corporate event drink reception idea. This one not only looks different, but it also gives your event a refined look. 

You’ll need to have a barrister at this point to pour the drinks and pick up glasses for your guests. You can also use this setup at wedding receptions to make it livelier.

When you are looking at unique drink reception ideas, you need to be creative about them. You don’t want to use the same old drinks on a tray idea. You also need to incorporate the idea of self-service for most of your drinks too.