Walk Off the Earth Display Impressive Skillset at the AFAS Live

Walk Off the Earth are a band of many talents. The Canadian collective have, since their inception, displayed an impressive skillset which they manage to inject into their varied discography with great degrees of precision. Whether it’s an original song or one of their famed covers, you’ll be guaranteed that Sarah, Gianni, Ryan, Joel and Beard Guy (aka Mike) pull it off with the greatest precision and utmost intricacy. This was equally the case when the independent outfit stopped off at the AFAS Live in Amsterdam last weekend as part of their biggest European tour to date. The venue wasn’t entirely jam-packed, but it was close enough for some 4,000 Dutch fans to have what seemed to be the times of their lives. Sera Roth captured proceedings.

WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_1 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_2 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_3 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_4 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_5 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_6 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_7 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_8 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_9 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_10 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_11 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_12 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_13 WalkOffTheEarth_afaslive_SeraRothPhotography_14