Rammstein Teaser Screenshot

WATCH: Rammstein Mark Comeback With Grandiose Short Film

Rammstein are back!

The German industrial metal titans returned this evening on Deutschland, the lead single from their first studio album in ten years: Rammstein. The band’s last album was 2009’s Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da.

The video for Deutschland premiered on YouTube this evening following an incredibly controversial, Holocaust-themed teaser trailer. The thirty-second clip depicted four band members in light blue striped clothing, their necks in a noose. As expected, though, this context-free trailer formed just a tiny part of what Rammstein have gloriously served up with Deutschland.


Directed by Specter Berlin, Deutschland’s ten minute video serves as a comprehensive history of Germany’s violent past, including the Cold War, Middle Ages and the Holocaust. Starring Ruby Commey, the song centres on the line “Deutschland, du hast viel geweint”. It’s a powerful visual piece, and the perfect accompaniment to one of Rammstein’s most provocative songs to date.

It’s taken from the self-titled Rammstein, due May 17 via Universal and purported to be the band’s final record. If it does turn out to be so, then Till Lindemann and co. really are going out in flames. Watch the full video for Deutschland below.