A Band I Love – Menace Beach, by Drenge

Last month, All Things Loud  launched a brand new feature called A Band I Love, in which a musician writes a column about a new band that they love right now. For our second edition, Eoin Loveless of the band Drenge has written about his love for Menace Beach. 

There was a point where I’d wake up at 11 each day, but the busier our schedule got and the more distance we had to travel between gigs; the more I had to set an alarm on my phone to get me out of bed to sit on the loo before I had a shower. The alarm sound on the iPhone is the sort of thing you’d expect some city worker to wake up to in a montage sequence, sweating in a suit, stale coffee and stale fags both mixing with an unpleasant body odour that the people on the tube try to avoid inhaling. He turns up to work and pushes his pen around all day with the heaviest of sighs. The alarm sound on the iPhone is like someone telling you that a close friend or family member has passed, and you’re just gonna have to wake up and deal with it on your own. Sick of this humiliating bullshit, I made a committed effort to change my alarm call into the track Fortune Teller by the Leeds based rock band Menace Beach. With Fortune Teller as my alarm sound, I wake up in a halogen blitz. The synths and the guitar wail around like an ocean of E-numbers and high sugar content. I wake up in an LED 3D pink and orange pyramid, that sends out laser beams that light up a moon that’s made out of tennis ball material. I don’t dream very well, but when my alarm music comes on, it puts me under the illusion that I’ve just had one of the best dreams ever. I know this probably isn’t the way you want to be introduced to your next favourite band, but for me, it’s the clearest way to describe the power and the energy of Menace Beach.

Listen to Fortune Teller by Menace Beach here.