While She Sleeps live at Rock am Ring 2016. (c) Natasja de Vries

While She Sleeps Discuss New Music

In a recent appearance on the Rock Sound podcast, While She Sleeps‘ Mat Welsh has discussed the prospects of new music from the Sheffield metalcore outfit.

The quintet put out the extremely well-received You Are We earlier this year, and it’s seen them tour the world in its support.

Now, Welsh has claimed that the band have some exciting plans for their future musical endeavours. Speaking to Rock Sound, he said: “I’m sorting the warehouse out now and Sean [Long, guitarist]’s literally just about to turn up. We’ve actually gutted the studio and we’re giving it a fresh lick. It’s the first break we’ve got since we got the warehouse and it’s the first time that we’ve not got a specific task to do, so we’re like, ‘Let’s go. If we’re feeling creative, let’s be able to use the space.’

We drove to London on Monday to do our visas and, during the journey, the idea for something that I cannot tell you about to do with what might be the next record sort of came to life. We all just got incredibly excited by this absolutely fucking bonkers idea that we’ve come up with” he added.

“And yeah, hold me to that! But yeah we all got super excited at this thing. For me it was one of the first moments since ‘You Are We’ was released where I was like, ‘What next?’. Once the record comes out, I like to just ride it for a bit, I don’t want to push myself into feeling creative, I’ll feel creative when it comes and it sort of came the other day and it was a very exciting feeling! It’s mental. If and when it happens, I hope you remember this conversation and you’ll be like, ‘The fucking madmen!’

Listen to Silence Speaks, featuring Bring Me the Horizon’s Oli Sykes, below.