City Morgue Turn Amsterdam Into a Makeshift Graveyard

Quite an ironic name, City Morgue, isn’t it? Then again, you’d only understand the irony if you were one of the 250 lucky ticketholders to their show at Amsterdam’s Paradiso last week. As Marc Prodanovic’s images will demonstrate below, the New York duo quite literally turned Amsterdam into their very own morgue. In a city. A blood, sweat and tears filled one, at that.

CITYMORGUE_20181209 CITYMORGUE_20181209(2) CITYMORGUE_20181209(3) CITYMORGUE_20181209(4) CITYMORGUE_20181209(5) CITYMORGUE_20181209(6) CITYMORGUE_20181209(7) CITYMORGUE_20181209(8) CITYMORGUE_20181209(9) CITYMORGUE_20181209(10) CITYMORGUE_20181209(11)