With Confidence Release Statement, Announce Indefinite Hiatus

Australian pop-punk outfit With Confidence have confirmed that they will be going on hiatus.

Jayden Seeley and co. have spent the last few weeks processing the allegations of sexual harassment made against former band member Luke Rockets, having put out an official statement yesterday.

Check it out below.

We apologise that it has taken a few weeks to address the current status of the band. This decision has not been easy for the three of us. Together we have decided that With Confidence will be taking time off.

We have put all touring on hold and postponed the recording of our second album. We will instead be spending time at home with our families to personally process everything that has occurred. We need to and want to be a band that deals with their past, present, and future responsibly.

While we cannot change what has happened, we are taking steps to reflect and grow. Looking forward we want to work harder than ever to ensure we always do the right thing by our fans. We will do everything we can to contribute to making music a safe and positive place for all upon our return.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

It is currently not known when the band plan on returning.