EXCLUSIVE: The Strokes’s Secret Dingwalls Gig Ousted As Elaborate Prank

UPDATE, 20 July: A previous version of this article insinuated that disgruntled former staff carried out this hoax. This section has been removed and replaced with a statement from Dingwalls. 

The Strokes’ rumoured reunion gig at the Dingwalls in Camden tonight has been ousted a hoax.

In what many will find as shocking news, details of the New York band’s supposed secret show are the result of a prank. A statement released by Dingwalls states:

We would like to apologise profusely to any customers that got caught up in the hoax gig of The Strokes on Saturday 7th July. We are continuing to investigate who is behind this but we do believe it not to be a member of the outgoing team who left the business on positive terms. Our investigation will continue and, to ensure this does not happen in the future, we now work with an external agent to deal with all of our bookings.

Check out a selection of tweets below which outline the cancellation and also shed some light on Dingwalls’ incompetence in doing a good old fact-check.




What a mess. Watch an actual Strokes performance below.