King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard have released a new single.

Honey is the first new track to come from the Melbourne outfit since last year’s thrash metal-oriented Infest the Rats’ Nest. It serves as the first track to be taken from the band’s sixteenth studio album, more news of which is due soon.

Musically it’s a return to microtones, a tonal scale which the band last explored on the groundbreaking Flying Microtonal Banana. The track fuses the aforementioned elements together alongside hints of Polygondwanaland‘s (2017) time signatures and Paper Mache Dream Balloon’s (2015) lilting folk. A whimsical combination both on paper and in practice, complete with harmonica and clarinet.

Check out the John Angus Stewart-directed clip below. Stewart previously took the helm for the band’s Chunky Shrapnel concert film, which came out earlier this year.