Bring Me the Horizon at London's o2 Arena last week. (c) Natasja de Vries

LISTEN: Bring Me the Horizon Join Forces With Dani Filth on New Single

Bring Me the Horizon have unveiled a new single.

Wonderful Life is the second track to be taken from upcoming album amo (due 25 January), and on it Oli Sykes and co. join forces with Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth.

The track serves as another step in a new direction for the Sheffield quintet, offering up a heavier sound which contains enough pop sensibilities to satisfy long time fans whilst attracting a whole new audience. Dani Filth’s addition, however out of the blue it may seem, is a fitting accompaniment to the track. Listen to Wonderful Life at the foot of this article.

(c) Natasja de Vries
(c) Natasja de Vries


Alongside the new single, the band have also unveiled amo’s tracklist, which confirms further collaborations with Grimes and Rahzel. amo will consist of twelve tracks, including lead single MANTRA. Check out the entire tracklist below, and note that amo’s release date has moved from 11 to 25 January.

1. I Apologise If You Feel Something
3. Nihilist Blues (feat. Grimes)
4. In the Dark
5. Wonderful Life
6. Ouch
7. Medicine
8. Sugar Honey Ice & Tea
9. Why You Gotta Kick Me When I’m Down?
10. Fresh Bruises
11. Mother Tongue
12. Heavy Metal (feat. Rahzel)
13. I Don’t Know What To Say

Pre-order your copy of amo here