Always wanted to take part in a Battle of the Bands competition but bummed out that COVID-19 has left you stuck at home? Then look no further, because the solution has arrived! 

You can now take part in the first ever INSTAGRAM LIVE Battle of the Bands competition! The in-app competition will allow you and your bandmates to tackle the current isolation restrictions by performing acoustic, one-band-member only versions of your songs against other local bands affected by the virus. 

How do you take part, though? Easy. Find a local band you despise, challenge them to a battle and stream it through the Instagram Live function for all seven of your fans (and parents) to watch. Be careful, though: you can only pick one member of your band to take part as you probably shouldn’t be leaving the house for anything. 

ENTER NOW. The prize? Clout and exposure. 

Instagram Live Battle of the Bands is Sponsored by Monster Energy.