Waterparks Discuss New Album

Pop rockers Waterparks have revealed that their sophomore studio album is complete.

In an interview with Rock Sound, frontman Awsten Knight explained that they worked on it in secret in order to quash any pre-determined expectations from fans and critics.

Speaking to the magazine as part of their Rock Sound Podcast, Knight added: “I stopped looking at replies and stuff on Twitter and mentions and comments and stuff. I feel like if people knew that an album was happening I’d see the expectations and I’d much rather just sit quietly in my room and make the songs.

Knight booked himself an Airbnb in California, opting to move away from his desk in Houston for the recording process. He further told Rock Sound that the album features no co-writers, and is solely the work of Waterparks as three individuals. “It was just natural – made the songs, went in with the people I trust, did it, the end” he concluded.

Listen to the entire podcast below to hear more of Knight’s musings. The full show further features appearances by All Time Low and Frank Iero.

Waterparks’ sophomore album is expected in 2018.