Welcome to the brand new All Things Loud website!

We’re extremely exicted to introduce you to the brand new All Things Loud website! It’s been a long time coming, and we couldn’t be more overjoyed with the final result.

Since September, we’ve been working hard together with Marlies van Kampen of Vlinder Media on a website which was equal parts fresh, unique and true to everything we strive for at All Things Loud.

As you navigate the website, you’ll probably notice a few changes. Firstly, each post is now connected with its respective author so that you can connect with the people behind All Things Loud easier. Secondly, we’ve laid out a fresh homepage which presents you with the most recent news, features, interviews, reviews and more! Alongside this, we’ve also turned our old website into the official All Things Loud Blog. We thought it’d be a shame to let the 2-year old Tumblr website go to waste, so we’ve simply left it there to serve its own purpose.

For us, the new website is something we’re extremely proud of. We’ve taken a massive step forward, and we cannot wait for what the future brings. Over the course of 2016, you can expect us to bring you coverage of even more shows and festivals than ever before, as well as introducing you to even more new music and fantastic opportunities. There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up, and this is only the beginning!

We hope you enjoy the brand new All Things Loud experience!