Beartooth to Release Experimental Jazz Album

Beartooth have announced a brand new studio album.

Adventures in the Key of B is billed as Caleb Shomo and co.’s first attempt at experimental jazz, marking a shift from the group’s previous, metalcore-centric releases.

In a press release, Shomo says: “Adventures in the Key of B is a very exciting album for me not only as a musician, but also as a human being. It’s testament to my hard work over the years, and it demonstrates my ability to think outside of the box more so than I ever did on Disease or Aggressive combined. With this new album I intend to showcase a new side to Beartooth, one which takes influence from Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock.”


As has been the case on all of Beartooth’s previous records, Shomo wrote and recorded the entire record all by himself. This time round, that extends far beyond the traditional combination of vocals, bass, drums and guitar, though. On Adventures in the Key of B, Shomo also adds saxophone, piano, upright bass, analogue synthesizer and trumpet to his repertoire.

Adventures in the Key of B is due on 31 May. Check out the tracklist below:

  1. You Never Know (Where the Groove’s Gonna Go) [8:31]
  2. Used and Abused Like a Tenor Sax [4:32]
  3. Rock is Dead, Jazz is King [9:12]
  4. The Bass Lines [2:11]
  5. Sick of B ft. Jonny & the Snipers [5:20]
  6. I Have a Problem (And That is Scat) [7:01]
  7. Take Five (Dave Brubeck cover) [6:21]
  8. In Between Keys ft. Herbie Hancock [11:23]

Pre-order your copy here.