LOWLANDS 2018: How Far Would You Go?

Picture this: it’s Sunday night, you’re absolutely off your head, drunk and somewhat disoriented. You have one last night of revelry before the fun well and truly comes to an end and real life rears its ugly head, but how do you mark the end of a weekend at Lowlands? Here at All Things Loud we reached out to Lowlands visitors to find someone who planned to make the most of their Sunday night in Biddinghuizen. His name was Dimitri, and our man Marc Prodanovic spending the night on the warpath as Dimitri drank himself into the night and made time to jump on tables and destroy party tents. We followed every moment of Dimitri’s final night at Lowlands to see exactly how far he would go, not only to capture the fun aspect of it all but also to see exactly how far he would take it when there’s a camera being thrust in his face.

Introducing Dimitri on the far right
Introducing Dimitri on the far right

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Whilst Marc spent his night in the midst of Dimitri’s antics, Jack Parker also spent time with Lois and her disco stick-loving friends…

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