Lowlands Terrain to Receive Total Physical Makeover

In order to mark Lowlands Festival‘s 25th anniversary, the festival site will be receiving a complete makeover.

In a Facebook video post, festival organizer Eric van Eerdenburg explained exactly what would be changing and why. Check out the video which visualizes all changes at the bottom of this page, and read a summary of the changes below.

-The main Alpha and Bravo tents are to both receive brand new, larger tents which respectively measure 20m and 18m high. The Alpha will also be partially open, which improves the line of sight for people unable to enter the tent. Light shows will not suffer due to this, either.

-The famous five chimneys (above) will remain, yet be moved to a different location away from the former main entrance.

-There are now multiple entrances to the festival site, meaning that the explicit distinction between campsite and festival has been removed.

-The location of the former main entrance will now become a 24/7 party spot called the ArmadiLLow.

-A dam has been built around the area of Lake Lowlands, and will now include a sauna as well as other to-be-announced special additions