Hype man and streaming legend Marc Rebillet has announced a collaboration with adult website PornHub

The American musician has long been known for his fascinating improvised live shows and captivating streaming sessions, in which he covers all sorts of different genres and styles in front of the camera, both with and without the audience. 

Now, and following a recent tweet from Rebillet, PornHub have stepped in and offered him the chance to stream all of his performances exclusively via their platform. 

The move looks set to secure Rebillet’s reputation as the man to fuck to, a desire he has previously expressed on social media. The move will also aim to bolster PornHub’s attempts to mix music and porn, with leaked plans detailing the website’s wish to live stream performances while renowned porn stars get down to business on camera. 

What could this mean for the future of live music streaming? Who knows, but what we do know now is that Marc Rebillet is about to make the biggest and boldest move of his career. A fucking good one, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Rumour has it that PornHub beat both XHamster, YouPorn and Twitch to the Texas musician’s coveted signature. Watch Rebillet surprise breakfast bar visitors below with instant classic Let Me In I’m Tryna Fuck.