Rock the Lockdown With ROCK YOUR MASK

Tired of wearing that boring old light blue styrofoam mask every time you have to go outside or take a long journey? Then look no further, because we’ve got the ultimate safe and trendy face mask to go with the current situation. Introducing ROCK YOUR MASK, the answer to all your mask-related worries.

Ever since the Dutch government implemented a mandatory face mask rule for public transport, people have been scrambling to get hold of one. Whether it be your own trendy homemade attempt or something more bland which borders on the unbreathable, some masks just aren’t cut out for it.

It doesn’t matter what mood you’re in, because Rock Your Mask have a mask for each and every single emotion. They offer 56 unique, double layered cotton designs, all hand made and complete with their own adjustable elastic bands.

Feeling summery? Then try Sugar Skulls Red. Fan of triangles? Then go for the Arty mask. Or are you feeling quirky? Then there’s a couple of moustache or dog-related masks to suit your needs. We could go on, but the essence of it is this: Rock Your Mask has something for everyone.

Get yours here for just fifteen euros.