A Reflection on 2017, by Silverstein’s Shane Told

For those who invest all of their time and effort into helping themselves grow as not only musicians, but also as people, you could suggest that 2017 has been emotionally taxing to say the least. We asked Silverstein‘s Shane Told to briefly reflect on the year he’s had for us.

I started off 2017 completely lost, confused and broken. Musically things were good, I had just finished my first successful solo tour and we were writing great songs for the new Silverstein album. But inside, I was a mess, still reeling from a very traumatic 2016.

But once Dead Reflection was written, people called it our best album, and I embarked on my second solo tour, I felt like I could finally let things go. And after that, the rest of 2017 became the best year of my life. I look forward to extending that into 2018. I’m living proof to everyone reading this that, in one year, everything can change completely. Work hard and love yourself and amazing things can happen.

Silverstein’s latest album, Dead Reflection, is out now.